I had been walking for days. Or at least, it felt like days, the light in the place never changed. I didn't know where I was going and my feet wouldn't get tired, so I just kept on walking. Eventually I reached a little village. Maybe, just maybe, I would find another lost soul, someone who could keep me company.
The village seemed abandoned, there wasn't a single sign of life. Then the sound of someone playing the piano entered my ears. I found the source of the soothing tune at a local tavern.
There was no one inside but a boy passionately playing the piano. His eyes were closed and there was some kind of sadness written on his face as he played the notes. I quietly sat down in a dark corner trying not to disturb the young pianist. I closed my eyes, and listening to his playing I got a warm, fuzzy feeling inside my chest. Shortly after, the playing stopped and the boy got up to leave.

Mio: Wait up!

???: Hm?

Mio: You're the first person I've come across in days, I can't justs let you go like that!

???: Well, I think it's just us in here then. I've explored this area... or world... for days now, and you're the first living being I've seen until now.

Mio: You mean we're all alone? We better stick together then. I'm Mio, Mio Kazama.

???: Raku. Just... Raku.

I chuckled.

Mio: Nice to meet you, just Raku!

Very funny, miss Kazama.

After some stupid formalities we sa down at one of the empty tables and got to know each other a little better.

Mio: So, what kind of school do you go to? What are your friends like? What-

Raku: One question at a time, milady. I am currently in law school, because my parents want me to follow my father's footstep and become a lawyer.

Mio: That's pretty cool. I'm still in high school, but I'd like to become a kindergarten teacher one day.

Raku: Please, follow your dreams, and don't make the same mistakes as I have: following up on your parents' demands and throwing away yourr own ambitions.

Mio: Hm? What's wrong? Don't you want to become a lawyer?

Raku: Ha, of course not. I'd much rather become a pianist.

Mio: Well, follow your dreams, right?! I've only heard you play just now, but I think you're a great pianist. I'm sure a lot of people would get the same feeling as I did just now when hering you play.

Raku: Thank you, Mio. Unfortunately it's not that simple, but as soon as we find a way back home I'll try to talk to my parents about it. It'll be hard, but after your encouraging words I'm sure it'll work out.

Mio: Parents can be big meanies sometimes. My parents, for example, always treat me like I'm the worst daughter ever. I always make mistakes, and simply do nothing right. They only ever appreciate my older sister.

Raku: That must be horrible. Well, miss Kazama, I quite enjoy your presence. You carry more enthusiasm than anyone I've ever met. I'm used to merely seeing business people, who are only able to talk about politics and money. It's nice to have such an uplifting change of pace for once.

I chuckled again.

Mio: Why thank you, good sir. You can call me Mio, then I'll stick to just Raku.

Raku: Alright, it'll be miss Mio then.

Mio: No!! Just Mio!

This time Raku laughed.

Raku: I was just kidding, stupid.

It felt as if we could talk like that for eternity, but suddenly there was a force pulling me away from that beautiful place.
Reality hit me.