That evening in the car, after the party,

Megumi: So, how are you hitting it off with that guy, Yuuki?

Mio: I told you a million times already, I don't like him! He's just a friend.

Megumi: Alright, alright. Whatever you say, sweetheart.

Mio: Anyway, keep your eyes on the road, you're making me nervous.

Megumi: There's no one here at this hour anyways. We're fine.

She should've listened to me. Within seconds we found ourselves on the wrong lane nearing an oncoming car. We screamed, but there was no one to answer our call for help. The young man - around that age when you don't know whether you should call him a boy or a man - tried to evade us. I swore his dark eyes were the last thing I would ever see...